This light and refreshing Hugo Cocktail recipe is a delicious combination of sparkling wine, elderflower syrup, mint and lime .

When we lived in Munich 10 years ago, the Hugo Cocktail – along with Aperol Sprizz – was the drink all the fashionable people seemed to be drinking. Big wine glasses filled with ice cubes, mint, and fizzy wine, it looked like a super refreshing summer cocktail.
And it is!

Anything containing elderflower syrup has my vote; sweet and floral, with a slightly crisp edge to it; to me it is the taste of summer. We don’t get elderflowers in Sydney (or not that I’ve seen anyway), but growing up, the hedges were full of them and the white flowers gave out such a perfume. Mum often made her own elderflower syrup and once made some elderflower champagne which, despite it’s name, she thought wasn’t alcoholic. 9 years old at the time, I thought it was delicious and drank 3 glasses in quick succession. It turned out that it was actually alcoholic – only slightly though (thankfully)!

But from one slightly scary elderflower cocktail to another one, which is not scary in the slightest. It is a an easy cocktail to make, and one you can make for 1 or 50 people. You don’t need any special cocktail making equipment and, apart from the mint, you don’t need to buy any last minute ingredients.

What is a Hugo Cocktail?

This light and refreshing cocktail originated in South Tyrol, Northern Italy. Similar to a wine spritzer, it is delicately flavoured with elderflower syrup, mint and lime. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summers evening.

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Have you made this recipe? Tag me on Instagram #atmrsjoneskitchen or Facebook, or leave a comment below. I’d love to see your creation!

Refreshing Hugo Cocktail Recipe

Refreshing Hugo Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1 Drink

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Category: Older Family, Plant Based | Vegetarian, Quick, Under 30 Minutes

Cuisine: Italian, modern european


2-3 mint leaves

1-2 tsp elderflower syrup

200ml sparkling wine

50ml sparkling water

1 wedge lime

Ice cubes


Fill a glass halfway with ice cubes.

Clap mint leaves in between hands to release the flavour, then place in the glass on top of the ice cubes.

Pour over the elderflower syrup, then the sparkling wine and sprinkling water.

Place a wedge of lime on the top, and serve straight away.


I like it made with 1 tsp elderflower but you can add a little more if you like. Just be aware that if you add more cordial it will make the drink sweeter.

2 thoughts on “Refreshing Hugo Cocktail Recipe

  1. This looks like my kindof cocktail!! Love sitting and sipping on a thirst quenching drink like this, although I admit, I drink them TOO quickly. Love the canape ideas as well.

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