Passionate about

Simple, Tasty, Real Food

I love creating recipes to hopefully make your life a little easier and tastier!

Years in the making

I've been wanting to start a food blog for years but never actually hit 'post'. Since becoming a mum, the daytime hours have hit fast forward and I found it tricky to think of balanced purees/meals/snacks for Mini Jones as well as tasty dishes for Mr Jones and I - and I love to cook! I felt it must be especially tricky for those who are not so passionate about cooking, or who don't have the luxury of time to experiment. Its always a learning curve. I would love to inspire others to cook from scratch and to begin this journey with honest, real food.

Creative with Recipes

Being brought up in a household in the English countryside, most of our meals were made from scratch. It was second nature to be inventive with recipes, especially during the summer months when the vegetable patch dictated what we ate and led to the need for inventing new dishes from the bumper crops - how do you make runner beans exciting for the fifth meal in a row?! Leftovers were always used up too, and I am passionate about the drive against throwing away perfectly good food, not only is it such a waste, but expensive too!

Behind the Scenes

mrs jones
Mrs Jones
Cook & Creator

Thats me - a new mother & a whirlwind in the kitchen, some days its more successful than others. Kept my husband in contracts around the world with baked goods for his colleagues.

mr jones
Mr Jones
Taster & Washer-up'er

Thats my husband - pretty much takes everything new I throw at him (not literally) for the greater good of the blog and keeps trying to get me to make everything Yorkshire pudding based!

mini jones
Mini Jones
Taster & Decorator

My baby boy - hates bananas and absolutely loves eggy bread and broccoli (for now anyway!). Currently redecorating the dining room with his left over food much to the cats delight!

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