These spinach pesto pinwheels are a hit with the whole of our family. The pesto is made with pumpkin seeds rather than nuts. Here, it’s combined with crisp puff pastry to make pinwheels, perfect for little hands – as well as larger ones!

(Updated 22nd September with new images and more inspo.)

This pinwheels recipe is the first ones I made when baby led weaning Mini Jones. The Spinach pesto is a simple 4 ingredient nut free pesto, using pumpkin seeds (pepitas) in place of the nuts and stuffed full of nutritious baby spinach.

I have also found these spinach pesto pinwheels go really well with soup. Mini Jones loves them as a ‘dipper’ and on those days I want something other than bread or toast to accompany soup, I make these or get some out of my freezer stash.

But these pinwheels aren’t limited to baby led weaning or toddler food ideas, they are a great nut free lunchbox idea, and also make a quick and simple appetizer or nibble to go with drinks that can be made in advance.

How Long Can You Freeze Pinwheels?
These pinwheels last in the freezer for up to a month. You can reheat them in the oven at 180˚C for 5-10 minutes, until warmed through, if you prefer to crisp them up again.

Don’t have parmesan?
I have on occasions substituted cheddar cheese in place of the parmesan. The pinwheels were not quite as crisp using the cheddar, but were still very tasty.

If you are looking for more snack inspiration, why not have a look at my (no added sugar) Banana Pear Muffins and Pear Flapjack, and Cheese Scones.

Have you made this recipe? Tag me on Instagram #atmrsjoneskitchen or Facebook, or leave a comment below. I’d love to see your creation!

Spinach Pesto Pinwheels

Spinach Pesto Pinwheels

Yield: 36

Category: Baby Led Weaning, Freezer Friendly, Plant Based | Vegetarian, Snacks | Lunchbox, Toddler, Under 30 Minutes


30g pumpkin seeds

3 handfuls baby spinach, washed and dried

2-3 tbsp olive oil

30g parmesan, grated

black pepper

2 sheets frozen puff pastry, thawed


To make the pesto:

In a small blender, place the pumpkin seeds, spinach, parmesan and 2 tbsp olive oil.

Pulse until you get a fine consistency. Scrape down the sides and check there are no whole pumpkin seeds to pose a choking risk for mini mouths.

Add an extra tbsp oil if you prefer a runnier texture, blend again and then season with black pepper.

To make the pinwheels:

Preheat the oven to 200˚C/400˚F.

Spread half the pesto mixture evenly over the sheet of pastry, leaving a 1cm gap around the edges and roll up tightly.

Using a sharp knife, cut the roll into 1cm slices and then arrange - cut side up - on two baking trays lined with baking paper.

Cook for 12-15 minutes, until golden and crispy.

Toasted Seeds

If you want a nuttier flavour from the pumpkin seeds, toast them before adding to the pesto: Sprinkle them into a dry, non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, shaking the pan every so often, until the seeds puff up and start to pop and become light golden - around 4-5 minutes. Pour onto a plate and let cool - if you leave them in the hot pan they will burn.

Get Ahead

Make the pesto the day before you cook the pinwheels. They can also be baked and frozen for up to a month.

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