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Guasacaca (Venezuelan Guacamole)

Guasacaca is the delicious Venezuelan version of guacamole. It’s easy to make, smooth, fresh, and creamy, and can be used as a dip, sauce, spread, and more – the possibilities are endless!

Although it is now officially Autumn in Sydney, the weather today is so hot and humid. When it’s over thirty degrees I prefer to have something lighter for lunch: a salad, cheese and crackers, or a homemade dip and raw vegetables. I also love having something like this Guasacaca in the fridge, so I can snack on it throughout the day.

I love avocados, but am not always so keen on guacamole. However, Guasacaca is packed with fresh flavours both from the generous amount of herbs and the green capsicum/bell pepper, which I personally think makes it less rich. You can add dried chillis or splash of tabasco if want something spicier – it’s flexible to your tastes!

Want it Vegan or Gluten free?

Worcester sauce is not suitable for vegans, or those on a gluten free diet.

You could add a tiny splash more of wine vinegar to the Guasacaca, if using, but as there isn’t that much Worcester sauce in the recipe, I would leave it out all together.


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Guasacaca (Venezuelan Guacamole)

Guasacaca (Venezuelan Guacamole)

Yield: 4-6

Category: Dips | Sauces, Plant Based | Vegetarian


1 avocado

¼ large green pepper/capsicum

1 clove garlic

¼ c (a small handful) cilantro

1/3 c (a large handful) parsley

Juice of ½ lime – or 1 tsp white wine vinegar

½ tsp Worcester sauce - optional

1/3 c (80ml) olive oil


Place everything in a blender and blend until smooth. It’s that simple!

If you want a slightly chunky dip, then just pulse a couple of times.

Taste and adjust seasoning, then serve.

Don't like raw garlic?

I’m the same, so I often boil the clove of garlic in a small saucepan in a little water for a couple of minutes, until slightly soft. Then blend as normal. This seems to take the pungent raw garlic taste – and aftertaste – away.

Serving Ideas

Try spreading it on a sandwich instead of butter, or thinning with a little olive oil and mixing through pasta.

Make Ahead

The guasacaca will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days, in a covered container.

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