This dairy free and nut free pesto made from spinach and basil is rich and creamy due to the avocado.

I first made this avocado pesto for Mini Jones when I was doing baby led weaning with him, but it has since become a firm favourite for all of us. It is a vegan and nut free pesto, which makes it great for those with food allergies and sensitivities, as well as those following a plant based/vegan diet.
I love the way avocado adds a richness and creaminess to the pesto that cheese does in other pesto sauces. The avocado is blended with cooked spinach and a little basil. You could easily add more basil if you wanted a more pronounced flavour.

The recipe is for a single serving but can easily be doubled or tripled. If you want ideas for what to do with the rest of the avocado, then try this Venezuelan Guacamole, Guasacaca or enjoy as a simple lunch in this Avocado Vinaigrette

What to use this avocado pesto for:

A few of our favourite ways to eat this is on pasta, as a dip (cooked pasta is a great dipper for babies and toddlers!), on flatbread then topped with chickpeas or, if not dairy free/vegan, feta.
Pesto is so versatile!

How long does this vegan pesto keep for?

This will keep overnight in the fridge. It can keep up to 2 days but may start to turn brown. I think it tastes better when fresh. It will start to separate a little so will need a stir before using.

If you are looking for more family friendly vegan dinner ideas, why not have a look at my Coconut Chickpea Curry, Mexican Bean Chilli, or Lentil Bolognese

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Avocado Spinach Pesto

Avocado Spinach Pesto

Category: Baby Led Weaning, Dips | Sauces, Plant Based | Vegetarian, Under 30 Minutes


30g cooked spinach – frozen or fresh (it’s about a handful if using fresh)

¼ avocado

6 medium sized basil leaves

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp olive oil


Let the spinach cool before squeezing as much water as you can out of it.

Put it in a blender then add the rest of the ingredients and blend everything together until smooth, adding a little more olive oil if it’s too thick.

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